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Full Alpha Release Date

Alpha release date - October 30th 2017

I am working on a HUGE update for the game.

MORE UPDATES RELEASED - creepy posters... loading screen 

This is a very early access of a horror game named Hatched I am hoping this game will rise and be very popular.  

Download And Install Instructions

Method 1- Download The Game

• Open The Compressed Folder

• Then Drag The Folder Inside The Compressed Folder To Your Desktop

• Play!

 Method 2- Download The Game

• Open The Compressed Folder

• Open The Folder Inside The Compressed Folder

• Then Launch The Game

• It Will Ask To Extract The Game

• Click Extract

• Play!

More information

Published 144 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsadventure, Horror


Hatched By DEADSHOT GAMING.zip (198 MB)

Development log


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The image used in your screenshot is ripped straight from Outlast's box art...

what images? can you tell me which ones so i can remove them. Thank you for letting me know but some of my images are custom like the bunny.

The only screenshot you uploaded; the one with "HATCHED" covering the box art from Outlast

Ok thank you for letting me know. I thought that was fan made so I photoshoped it. I will work on one that is not photoshoped i will create one but for now I have to keep that there sorry. I will keep it for at most 2 days.

And also is it the one with a person holding a flashlight or the other one?

The other one

Ok thank you I thought it was fan art or something thats why i used it. I will change it soon.

Deleted post
Deleted post

Hi, is it still possible to download this? 

Yes I am just working on a HUGE update. So no downloads for now. just click downloads, it will show do u want to pay $1 click just take me to the downloads

Good to hear, will definitely be keeping an eye on it!

Deleted post

I wasn't expecting that jumpscare- got me good. ;)

Thank you for making a video on my game really appreciate it... didn't think it will get this far :)

Nice game!

Thank you for downloading the game and testing it. :)